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Central the Club is located in the very heart of Split, where once was the famous cinema „Central“, only a minute away from the walls of world-famous Diocletians Palace. The clubs appearance is signed by the architect Duje Kaliterna. On over 800 square meters, spread over a total of two floors, you can find four bars and impressive dance floor set in front of the superb DJ Booth and a massive wall screen. One of the best sound systems in general, makes this nightclub, with a capacity of just over one thousand people, a perfect oasis for those who want an unforgettable getaway. Carefully chosen music and performances of worlds famous DJs have placed Central the Club on domestic and world map of unavoidable nightclubs.

Central the Club offers its guests a few VIP sections which provide a sensual experience of unbothered fun and an excellent overview of the entire club.

Royal treatment will be experienced by all those who opt for a unique VIP Lounge, special section located on the stage, behind a Dj Booth. Exceptional experience, shoulder to shoulder with the biggest world stars, is highlighted with a wonderful view of the entire dance floor. Highly professional service includes a personal waiter, VIP security, a cleaning staff and a toilet, all with the purpose of making the most comfortable and carefree stay for our VIP guests.

The area on the elevated floor of the club is called the VIP Gallery. The Gallery provides a do not disturb effect, mostly used by groups that prefer a bit more intimate atmosphere. The Gallery has its own bar and dancing area, while allowing our guests an easy access to the lower floor as well. The elevated position of the Gallery offers an unforgettable musical experience, magnificent view of the entire club and ability to enjoy the dance of our attractive dancers from a very short distance.

The VIP area is located on the lower floor of the club, right next to the dance floor, opposite of the Dj Booth. It has its own bar and a dozen high tables, primarily designed for smaller groups. However, carefully planned layout and our accommodation capacities allows VIP treatmant for larger groups as well, by booking a several tables next to each other, or simply connecting all of the tables in the section.